Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Kiunga Marine National Reserve incorporates a chain of about 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago, running for some 60 km parallel to the coast in northern Kenya and adjacent to Dodori and Boni National Reserves. Composed of old, eroded coral, the islands lie around 2 km offshore and inshore of the fringing reef. They vary in size from a few hundred square metres to 100 hectares or more. Their walls rise sheer from the surrounding seabed and are usually deeply undercut on the landward side. The larger islands and the more sheltered inner islands are covered with low, tangled thorny vegetation including grass, aloes and creepers. The outer islands provide nest sites for migratory seabirds. The reserve conserves valuable coral reefs, sea grass meadows and mangrove forests, with their attendant biodiversity and is also a refuge for sea turtles and dugongs.